Pachella Arms offers a broad selection of gear for all of your outdoor needs. Whether you hunt with a firearm or a bow, go fresh water fishing, target shoot or collect guns and knives, Pachella Arms has what you need.

 A large variety of new and quality, used firearms is in stock from several manufacturers. You can find everything from rimfires, hunting & target rifles & shotguns, AR-15’s, AK-47’s, pistols and revolvers. Collectible firearms are also in stock. We buy used firearms and take trades. 

          Several brands of ammunition are in stock to suit all of your shooting needs. For handguns, we have Federal American Eagle and American Ammunition which are both very economical. Federal Hydra-Shok, Speer Gold Dot, PMC Starfire and Cor Bon hollow points are also on hand.

          For rifles we have surplus ammo and American Ammunition in .223 caliber. For hunting, you can find Remington Core Lokt, Federal Classic, Federal Premium, Weatherby, Winchester Power Point and Hornady V-Max to name a few. There’s also plenty of rimfire ammo in stock from CCI, Federal, Hornady and Winchester.

          Shotshells carried include Fiocchi, Remington and Winchester along with steel shot from Federal and Winchester. Remington Hevi-Shot can also be found here. For the shotgun deer hunter, slugs and sabots are in stock from most brands in season.

          The selection of ammo calibers in stock is also very impressive. We have ammo including, but not limited to: .264 Win Mag, 9mm Largo, .17 Rem., .257 Weatherby Mag, 6.5 mm Swedish, .300 H&H Mag, 28 gauge and more! 

          In the optical department, you will find scopes and binoculars from Millet, Swift, Burris and others. Shotgun and muzzleloader fiber optic sights are in stock from Rightnour Manufacturing Company. We are also stocking more laser sights, red dot scopes and lights for target and tactical applications this year. 

          Case, Buck, Gerber, Leatherman, and Schrade are a few of the knife brands on display. You will also find bayonets for AR-15’s, AK-47’s and others. We also carry several types of knife sharpening equipment. 

          You can see reloading equipment and dies from RCBS and Lee. Powder is in stock from Hodgdon and IMR, including Pyrodex and Triple Seven pellets. We also have Alliant Red Dot. Handgun primers, rifle primers and percussion caps from CCI are here. Shotgun primers are from Winchester. We carry bullets for reloading that include Speer pistol bullets, Sierra rifle bullets and Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets. We also have a large selection of used brass, including bulk .38 special and .223 priced at $15.00 per thousand or $60.00 for five thousand. 

          Pachella Arms has a vast selection of shooting related accessories including cases, holsters, and slings from Uncle Mike’s, Double Triple, DoskoSport, The Outdoor Connection and others. Gun care products are here from Hoppe’s, Kleen Bore, Break Free and VibraShine. We also carry many brands of handheld lights and headlamps, speedloaders, magazines, grips, AR-15 accessories, hearing and eye protection, and targets. Safeshow Pepper Spray is also sold here. 

          While visiting the archery department, you will find a selection of Alpine Bows to fit every size, budget and skill level. They are very fast, quiet and smooth shooting.

          Carbon arrows are available including Beman ICS Hunters, Gold Tip, and Ultra Aro. Easton XX75 Camo Hunter aluminum arrows are also in stock.

          Archery sights, rests, stabilizers, releases, quivers and accessories can be found from great companies such as Copper John, Cobra, Tru Fire, Saunders, Carolina, Golden Key Futura, HHA, Trophy Ridge, Doinker, Hi Tek, Kwikee, Alpine, Bohning and many others. The selection of broadheads includes Muzzy, NAP and Rocket.

           You can find wildlife scents here from Code Blue, Tinks, Wildlife Research Center, Scent Shield and other top brands. Game calls include H.S., Hally Caller, Quaker Boy, Top Calls, Lohman, Olt and several others. We sell Mossy Oak Break Up and Predator Fall Gray camo clothing. 

          The tackle shop is filled with fresh water rods and reels from companies such as Shakespeare, Zebco and Daiwa. Berkley Trilene XL, Stren, Eagle Claw hooks and Midlake nets are a few of the other fine products sold here. An interesting selection of artificial lures is sure to satisfy your needs. Live bait including meal worms, nightcrawlers and trout worms are sold in season.

           Flintlock muzzleloading accessories include RMC, Thompson Center, CVA and Traditions pan chargers, powder measures, ball starters and more. We also carry in-line muzzleloading accessories and many brands of bullets and sabots including Powerbelts, Hornady Sabots and Great Plains Bullets, T/C Sabots, Speer and Hornady round balls and more.

           Pachella Arms would also be glad to special order any item not found in stock. We ship orders anywhere. Check our prices.


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